What nursing diagnosis means

To know better about the nursing diagnosis, we’ve to know what it means. The five stages of the nursing process are assessment, diagnosing, planning, implementation and evaluation. aside from the nursing diagnosis and its work process, the nurse promotes awareness associated with the behaviour of diagnosis, read factors o select nursing diagnosis etc. 


This is the primary step a nurse encounter with. In this, the nurse interacts with the patient and examine heir physiological, psychological and spirit . Physical assessment results in observing patients medical record . Even patients case history .


After the assessment, subsequent step is to diagnosis. In this, the nurse will collect all the knowledge in consideration about the patient and diagnose the patient’s condition and drugs .


After gathering the knowledge , the nurse will start making a route plan for a lively patient. But it are often done only the patient will permit the diagnosis. Plan are often short term and future , too, it depends upon the medication and response of the patient on the medication.


This came into the role when the design phase was done. this will be done individually and with the assistance of medical staff. Intervention needed to be specific to a selected patient. In this, the nurse monitors the response of the patient, directly caring is required or conducting important medical tasks, educating them or making them conscious of the route of diagnosis.


He last and final step. This step is to mix the result and action deciding plan. Now the team know what’s working and what course needed o to be eliminated. It’s a stage during which the choice how further treatment getting to happen . Patients conditions from initial to now’s being monitored. Health stabilization or fluctuation were considered seriously. Evaluation is las step, but if the before procedure is ineffective, but , the nursing process starts from staring.

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